MILK - The White Gold or The White Lie?

Ice-creams, chocolates, cookies, milk shakes and cheese are portrayed to be delicious and healthy food options in our current society. Our idyllic image of dairies conjure up meadows where cows roam free, ‘give’ us milk, ruminate and make happy moo sounds!
The truth is far from your imagination! Milk does not come from happy cows. We are buying into the lies of the dairy industry- calves separated from their mothers, cows repeatedly impregnated, held captive and eventually sold for slaughter. Your glass of white milk is a product of misery.

The truth is not quite as sweet as a milkshake.

Be compassionate, be vegan. Ditch dairy today!

FIAPO's National investigation: CATTLE- OGUE

In what is possibly the largest undercover investigation of dairies in India, FIAPO laid bare the complete absence of regulation that permits the dairy industry to be an ongoing tragedy - on animals, consumers and civic order. The investigations, conducted across 10 states and 451 dairies, unveil the horrors and gross violations rampant in the ever-growing commercialised dairy industry.
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Mallika Sherawat Supports FIAPO's #21DayCompassionChallenge

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