Cookies and milk. Ice cream. Chocolate. Strawberry Milk Shake. Cheese.

These sound lovely don’t they? Bring back memories.

On the surface milk sounds healthy, nutritious, pure, and all in all a great idea.

Are you picturing meadows where cows roam free, ruminate, make happy moo sounds?

Do you see baby calves playing in thick green grass, while farmers watch on in utter bliss?

Sounds a little too good to be true. It is.

The truth couldn’t be farther from imagination.

The dairy industry has systematically propagated lies to make you believe that milk comes from happy cows.

When you consume milk in any form, you’re buying into cruelty – male calves starved or slaughtered, repeated artificial impregnations – no different from rape, infant calves separated from their mothers at birth, short tethers and concrete floors.
You’re buying into propaganda – that cow’s milk is the perfect food. Milk is only a short term nutrient for new born calves, it’s not meant for humans.
You’re buying into a tetra pack of white lies and cruelly neglected cows . Imagine a dairy on an industrial scale. There’s no space for meadows or green grass. There’s space only for machines. Fifty years ago a cow produced 2000 tonnes of milk, today it’s up to 50,000 tonnes. How? Why?
Here’s the truth and it’s not quite as sweet as a Strawberry Milk Shake…
…The dairy industry isn’t just milking cows, it’s milking you.
In what is possibly the largest undercover investigation of dairies in India, FIAPO has laid bare the complete absence of regulation that permits the dairy industry to be an ongoing tragedy - on animals, consumers and the civic order. The investigations, conducted across 10 states and 451 dairies, unveil the horrors and gross violations rampant in the ever-growing commercialised dairy industry.
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It’s time we ditched dairy for the sake of the animals and our own health.