World Vegan Day

14600955_1444217895607373_4573688728753918001_n The vicious cycle of cruelty will see no end until you remove your blindfolds and choose to look at the truth. This World Vegan Day don’t buy the lie.
Take a step towards a more compassionate lifestyle    
> Do you feel physical violation is a crime?
One step, one voice, one meal, one life.
One dialogue at a time,
our Living Free Bangalore team is changing lives! .


>14611106_1444614755567687_2738342322459519036_n We’re asking a simple question,
which needs some serious contemplation – Do you BUY the LIE?
14732292_1436252849737211_4052677787405773811_n Most male calves are abandoned and left to die in the Indian dairy industry.
Why? Because they are male, and cannot produce milk.
The next time you step out to buy milk, ask yourself, did you sign up for this?

Are you buying a lie?
14595680_1438222652873564_5648999372123694780_n Oxytocin is ILLEGALLY and FORCIBLY used by the dairy industry to INCREASE MILK production in cows and buffaloes.
The next time you step out to buy milk, ask yourself, did you sign up for this?Are you buying a lie?
14716041_1440475502648279_711547574433865740_n Did you know that cows are cruelly impregnated in a rape rack, so that you can have a ‘Delicious’ slice of ‘Buttery’ bread.
The idea of a cow happily giving away her milk is a MYTH.
Did you BUY the LIE?
Are you a part of the cruelty inflicted on a cow?
Do you BUY the LIE?.
> Do you know of the slaughter your chocolate bar funds?
Do you BUY the LIE?