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Any questions regarding a vegan diet and nutrition? Clarify your doubts by writing to our expert, Dr. Uma Malhotra, and we will get back to you via e-mail within a few days.

Some Recently Asked Questions

I was recently diagnosed with heart disease after a serious heart attack. My doctor tells me that besides medicine I must eat a healthy diet, but has not given me any more details about what changes I need to make. I grew up vegetarian and used to be quite slender. However, my husband and in-laws love eggs and meat. So we all eat eggs in our breakfast and some type of meat for either lunch or dinner. I am also now overweight as are all the members in my family. Please advise what I should do. –Anu D., 60 y, Amritsar, Punjab
You are absolutely right to be thinking about making life style changes. A healthy diet and exercise can actually prevent four out of five heart attacks. Click Here To Read More
My family and I have been vegetarian for seven years and now wish to become pure vegan because I recently heard about the ill effects of dairy milk. I also learnt about cruelty to the cattle during milk production, some thing that I did not know before. However, I have not seen any dairy alternatives like soy or almond milk, in my area. I have also not seen any tofu and worry if I will be able to provide enough protein in the diet to my family. What can I do? -Sunita, 35 y, Sukher, Rajasthan.
I expect that you have all the resources for making healthy vegan meals where you are. You have easy access to a tremendous variety of legumes, such as channa dal, mung dal, chhole, all of which are great sources of protein. Click Here To Read More
Do you believe that everyone should take B12 Supplements? What about those who never heard about it? Are all of them sick? If No then what could be the Reason? - Girish Shah ( )
Yes, I believe that a vitamin B12 supplement is a must for vegans. I also strongly recommend it for vegetarians, who may get some B12 through dairy or eggs, but it may not be enough.Click Here To Read More
I am a vegan on a reducing diet. I know nuts are also packed with goodness, but they have high oil content, so how many are "too many?" I am not eating too many other fatty foods for the most part but I do eat a lot of rotis, rice, and potatoes. But I'm also not losing weight and feel I need nuts for protein. – Reeta, Delhi
My advice is to be cautious with nuts. While, nuts contain healthy fats and antioxidants, which are good for health, they are also calorie dense. Consuming large amount is not conducive to weight loss. Click Here To Read More
Dear Madam, I'd like to know plant-based alternatives for vitamin supplements & calcium. When I realised that Shelcal too is made from Oyester shells, I stopped using it, but I fear I may not be getting sufficient calcium and Vitamin B12 from my vegan diet. Could you please list out plant-based calcium & vitamin B12 supplements, thank you! Best wishes, Aparna - Aparna ( )
This is a great question. You are correct that many vitamin formulations contain animal derivatives. Several use gelatin, derived from the connective tissues of cows, pigs, or other animals, to coat the vitamins to make them easier to swallow. I see two parts to your question. Click Here To Read More
I am 2 months pregnant and want to become a vegan currently. Is this the right time to turn vegan or I should wait until delivery. . My gynac told me to not try anything new during this period. He said you can do it later after delivery. Please suggest - Bernadette ( )
A well-planned plant-based diet is suitable at every stage of life, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. The diet provides all the nutrients you and your developing baby need. Click Here To Read More
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