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Animals are sentient beings, like human beings. They can observe and feel pain and happiness just as humans can. Production of milk for human consumption causes them immense suffering.
The dairy industry has flourished since the white revolution and along with this India has become the leading beef exporter, with the “refuse” of the dairy industry being slaughtered and exported.
To add insult to injury, the dairy industry paints the picture of cows and buffaloes as commodities, solely to be exploited for commercial gains, rather than the gentle, thinking, feeling being that they are.
Contrary to popular belief, animals farming in India is as intensive and cruel as anywhere else in the world.

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Living in conditions of abysmal hygiene, pumped up with drugs and antibiotics, illegally slaughtered, with little check on quality, the animal products we consume can have a devastating effect on our health.
While traditionally thought of as wholesome food, consuming animal products has been linked with most of the top 20 causes of early death. Cows in factory farms are often given antibiotics directly and through the grass they feed on (which in turn may have been chemically altered). Cows are even given ‘oxytocin’, an illegal hormone that induces milk let down. All these medicines ultimately find their way back to the milk we consume.

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Modern farming has a catastrophic effect on our environment. It accelerates high energy consumption, global warming, water pollution and depletion, and loss of habitat conservation. Intensively confining animals in one place means large amounts of waste is concentrated and hence toxic to ground water, rivers and streams, and surface plant and animal life.
Dairy farms across the world are important contributors to pollution and global warming. United Nations FAO figures show that the dairy sector emitted 1,969 million tonnes CO2-eq [±26 percent] of which 1,328 million tonnes is attributed to milk production. This happens because of a process known as enteric fermentation, during which cows produce copious amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas roughly 20-24 times more potent that carbon dioxide.

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